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What Do Scientologists Study?


Another fundamental practice of the Scientology religion is training — the study of Scientology principles. Many courses of training are available in the Scientology religion because a person can, as stated, use the truths found in Scientology to improve conditions in every area of life. However, the most important training courses are those through which one learns to become an auditor. That is because the overriding principle in all courses is that Scientology is an applied religious philosophy, and all training emphasizes application.
The broad path the Scientologist follows through auditing and the study of Scientology materials is known as The Bridge. This embodies an ancient concept — a long-envisioned route across a chasm between man’s present state and vastly higher levels of awareness. The Bridge is comprised of gradient steps so that gains are incremental, predictable and apparent.
There are two sides to this Bridge: On one side, by receiving auditing, one reaches the highest states of awareness as a spiritual being; on the other, one studies the axioms and principles of Scientology and learns to become an auditor, ultimately advancing to the highest levels of auditor skill. The freedom available through Scientology requires passage along both these paths. For while one becomes free through auditing, this must be augmented by knowledge of how to stay free. Knowing the mechanisms by which spiritual freedom can be lost is itself a freedom, and places one outside their influence. All told, then, The Bridge constitutes a route upward from the lowest states of human existence to hitherto unimagined spiritual heights. And in that respect, it represents a spiritual dream that is as old as man himself.

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