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What Do Scientology Volunteer Ministers Do? While in the last five years Scientology Volunteer Ministers have emerged as the largest independent relief force on Earth, they’ve also become a global force delivering effective help in disaster zones that don’t make the headlines: in homes and schoolrooms, in business and community centers.

Trained on the specific techniques from The Scientology Handbook, they learn the basics that apply to every aspect of life. And, proficient in the use of these practical tools, they can provide real answers to any one of life’s difficulties — from rescuing failing students or getting addicts off drugs, to alleviating the trauma of physical injury, salvaging troubled relationships or solving human conflicts. No matter the problem, a Volunteer Minster knows something can be done about it and takes action with effective solutions.

Reaching out with the message of hope to people in desperate need, Volunteer Ministers are on call 24/7 on the Volunteer Minister Hotline. To help even greater numbers they take their technology straight into communities, providing one-on-one assistance and seminars based on the chapters of the Handbook. In this way they train tens of thousands to apply fundamental technology to their own lives and to the lives of those around them.

Anyone, of any denomination, who wants to make a difference can become a Volunteer Minister by learning the simple techniques in The Scientology Handbook. Armed with these answers, a Volunteer Minister can help build a better world by restoring order, kindness and decency to any individual.


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