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What is the Scientology system of ethics?

The Scientology system of ethics is based wholly on reason. Ethics may be defined as the actions an individual takes on himself to ensure his continued survival across the dynamics. It is a personal thing. When one is ethical, it is something he does himself by his own choice.

The Scientology ethics system includes a body of technology called conditions formulas. L. Ron Hubbard discovered that there are various states of existence and that there are exact formulas connected with these states.

A person can determine what condition any area of his life is in and apply a formula to immediately improve this condition.

While very simple, such actions are quite powerful and have enabled millions of individuals to improve their lives in ways never thought possible. These formulas are used to handle personal situations, family problems, successes and failures on the job and relationships with other people. They can be applied to any situation in any area of life. They are tools by which one makes changes in his life and brings about improvements for himself and in the world around him.

Another part of Scientology’s ethics system is what is known as confessionals. As long ago as 500 B.C., religions recognized that confession frees a person of spiritual burdens. A confessional assists the person who has transgressed against his own and his group’s moral code to unburden himself and gain respect for himself and again be happy and a contributing member of his group.


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