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Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

The bolt from the blue that began a worldwide movement. For while Ron had previously announced his discovery of the reactive mind, it had only fueled the fire of those wanting more information. More to the point — it was humanly impossible for one man to clear an entire planet. Encompassing all his previous discoveries and case histories of those breakthroughs in application, Ron provided the complete handbook of Dianetics procedure to train auditors to use it everywhere. A bestseller for more than half a century and with tens of millions of copies in print, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health has been translated in more than fifty languages, and used in more than 100 countries of Earth — indisputably, the most widely read and influential book about the human mind ever written. And that is why it will forever be known as Book One.

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Dianetics Lectures and Demonstrations

Immediately following the publication of Dianetics, LRH began lecturing to packed auditoriums across America. Although addressing thousands at a time, demand continued to grow. To meet that demand, his presentation in Oakland, California, was recorded. In these four lectures, Ron related the events that sparked his investigation and his personal journey to his groundbreaking discoveries. He followed it all with a personal demonstration of Dianetics auditing — the only such demonstration of Book One available.

4 lectures / Titles include: • Introduction to Dianetics • What Dianetics Can Do • Running an Engram • How to Resolve Stalled Cases.


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